Ville Valo (VV) Launches Pre-Order For Debut Solo Album \’Neon Noir\’

Finnish Love Metal pioneer Ville Valo (VV) of HIM will release his debut solo album, Neon Noir, on January 13 via Heartagram Records, distributed by UMGSpinefarm. Pre-order it here. \”Neon Noir is a sonic step-by-step guide on how to survive, and perhaps even enjoy, the realm of VV with its abundance of things that go bump in the night,\” says Valo. \”It\’s a teary mascara marathon between Robert Smith and Ozzy, with a dash of hope.\” NEON NOIR TRACK LISTING: \”Echolocate Your Love\” \”Run Away From the Sun\” \”Neon Noir\” \”Loveletting\” \”The Foreverlost\” \”Baby Lacrimarium\” \”Salute the Sanguine\” \”In Trenodia\” \”Heartful of Ghosts\” \”Saturnine Saturnalia\” \”Zener Solitaire\” \”Vertigo Eyes\” VV\’s headline tour of Europe, the UK, and North America has already sold out across a number of cities. Get tickets here. \"\"