Video: The New Schematics release new unplugged music video

On day nine out of 11 shows in 11 days, The New Schematics stopped in Ottawa, Ontario and played an unplugged version of their song “Sunday Morning” in their hotel room. The song is an ode to life on tour, and describes how the band is able to find meaning in the travel and stay true to their roots no matter where in the world the find themselves. The resulting video is a snapshot of the whirlwind that was the first leg of the Your Year Tour. Fruit stolen from the hotel lobby and rumpled sheets set the backdrop for a reflection piece that makes you feel intimately acquainted with the band. An even more behind-the-scenes feature is in the works for The New Schematics as they prepare to release a tour-style music video for the same song. The video will provide a look into the orchestration, travel, and energy the band put into their live shows as they drive across the continent during the Your Year tour. The tour is in support of their new Your Year EP, which is on Spotify, iTunes, and available for physical purchase on their website. It will run through the entire year of 2017, consisting of a series of legs with breaks in between. For more information or to stay in touch, check out their website and social media. Unplugged video: TNS Website: iTunes album link: TNS Spotify: Physical album link: