The Veer Union: Divide the Blackened Sky review

At last, after a two year wait, The Veer Union are back with their Pavement Entertainment debut in the deluxe edition of Divide the Blackened Sky.

“Borderline” kicks it off with a heartfelt anthem that will make any fan of Three Days Grace listen with intent and “The Bitter End” opens with an impressive riff that will kick you in the nuts and could very well be one of the biggest hits the band has had yet.

“Inside Our Scars” is one of the stand out tracks of the record and will be a big gravitation track for listeners and the connecting piece between fans and the band.

If you want a record that will appeal to fans of Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Trapt, 10 Years and bands of that nature, Divide The Blackened Sky is the record to pick up.

With hard-hitting guitars meshed with heartfelt lyrics that are easy to relate to, The Veer Union have put together a masterpiece of a record.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards