Uproot Chaos

\"UprootWe’ve checked out Uproot Chaos before, so when Richie dropped me a line recently letting me know about their new offering, Taking Back Control, I was intrigued to see what the chaps had been up to since our last visit. With a style rooted in the world of ‘metalzzzzzz’ (as they put it), this Irish based 3 piece are setting out to bring something different to metal with a drive and passion to create something different, break the boundaries, and ignore conformity – so who was I to refuse?! Bursting into being with a rolling drum and bass combo, the track seems to build up around you as you listen before launching you into a Drowning Pool/Soil-esque barrage of heavy guitar work and groove orientated rhythms. As the vocals come into being the full force of the track is unleashed, bombarding the listener with a full on aural assault designed for the pit, the sort of thing that’s going to get you moving and jumping from the word go. Managing to combine their sense of heavy power with a real sense of upbeat rhythm, there’s something about this track which sounds accomplished, well put together, yet not over the top or over done. Signalling a definite dedication to their craft from the word go, as Taking Back Control comes to a close there’s only one option – hit rewind and go through it all again. It’s always cool to hear how a band has developed over the course of time, and with Uproot Chaos there’s a definite move up a gear with this latest offering. Powerful yet melodically pleasing throughout, Taking Back Control is a definite high point in the bands career so far, and a moment to make sure you get out there and check out. Rating: 9/10 -Dave Nicholls