Upon This Dawning: City of Sin review

The dark styling of Upon this Dawning are back on display in their latest release City of Sin.  Bringing a fresh spin on heavier styles of metal, the Italian-based band has brought their brutally melodic metal back in full force. From beginning to end Upon this Dawning’s latest release does not disappoint. The title track, City of Sin, comes on like a brewing storm that takes us slowly into a dark place; A dark place that holds us for the rest of the album. Throughout, the album throws quite a few curve balls. From heavy chaotic sounds to beautiful melodies, the band covers it all. Mid-way through the album we find a particularly heavy hitting song, “Anima” that blends the more intense parts of the album with their trade mark melodies. While I personally am not always a huge fan of melodic metal bands with synths involved, Upon this Dawning pull it off in a wonderful way. Expect to see this band in the future. Rating: 9/10 -Hans Jaeger