Unearth: Watchers of Rule review

Metal giants Unearth are finally back with their latest piece of aggression-filled combination of death metal, hardcore, and thrash metal in Watchers of Rule and fans who have been expecting one of the most brutal pieces of music they\’ve ever heard won\’t be disappointed in the slightest. It doesn\’t take long after the intro and into “The Swarm” for you to realize Unearth have cranked things up to max and set out to all-out destroy you. Materialistically there isn\’t much brand new stuff here but that doesn\’t stop this album from being one of the heaviest and most-impressive pieces of metal to be released this year. As a unit, Unearth are more precise and complex than ever. With Watchers of Rule they\’ve become even more cohesive than ever before and operate at and even more extreme level than on previous releases. The clean vocals on this record add an even deeper element to Unearth\’s music and make for an even better listening experience. They seem to improve and become heavier and stronger as the album progresses and and by the end of the record you\’ll be ready to go see them on their next tour stop. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards