Underground Culture

by: Cameron Edwards There are lots of bands and artists who previously had nothing to do with the Juggalo culture are now getting involved. \"Violent The list includes but is not limited to, Coolio- who is famous for his song “Gangsta’s Paradise,” bands Saliva, 2live crew, Three Six Mafia, Foo Fighters and Bone Thugs n Harmony. Some are just famous people such as Kane Hodder, the actor who played Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th movies. One of the many great things about the culture I’m so proud to be a part of is the very fact that it shows Juggalos are like them and it encourages us that those famous people want to be among us. Just like us who became part of the lifestyle by meeting somebody, these bands (many of whom have large followings), usually become a part of the culture by going on tour with underground juggalo bands and they go on stage and feel the love. In the words of Violent J, lead singer of the Insane Clown Posse, “all these famous people are feeling what the movement is about because they feel the same thing the crowd does. When you feel that in the air it sucks you right in.” One possible reason so many famous bands become a part of the culture is the main points of the movement. It’s all about  caring for the people you love as your family, loving the underground music scene and living it up and caring about somebody’s color shape or size because everyone is treated equally. So naturally you get a lot of bands and artists who are tired of the stress and negative critics that come with fame so they tour with underground artists to get away from the limelight. Then they feel the relief from the stress through the crowd- Juggalos. As a part of the movement I can honestly say that as long as they are not some teeny bopper-Disney channel-actor-turned artist and they understand the underground Juggalo movement I don’t mind it at all. In fact I find it refreshing.