Truthseekah: 333 review


TruthSeekah brings the radiant ‘truth’ with new 333 album


Music fans, take notes because class in session! Regardless if you’re a religious seeker, critic or on the fence about religion altogether, there is no denial that when it comes to a genre that is heavily overlooked, artist TruthSeekah’s latest album, 333 definitely sets the tone and standard to a genre of music that is not only on the come up in many music critics eyes but once it comes up, it will be here to stay for a while.

The album opens up with the bold and what I will consider the tone setter for the album, “Neurogenesis” which in retrospect will awaken the human mind once you listen to this track to accept the mechanisms of truth from a religious standpoint.

333 doves into a more familiar vibe with a bit of an eccentric feel with “The Imaginatrix.” This track features collaborations from Illuminati Congo and Watchman.  From a Hip Hop standpoint, this song definitely makes you want to “open your mind” as the lyrics imply and dance.

One of my personal favorite tracks on the album is “Beauty Of A Thousand Suns,” because in true TruthSeekah form, it opens up with a speech that will leave you thinking throughout the entire song.

Illuminati Congo and Watchman comes back to the mix with another collaboration with “Enter The Void,” which is quite reminiscent of their predecessor “The Imaginatrix.”

Every album in my opinion should have its theme song or song that everybody can make its everyday mantra, and “fearLESS” featuring Andre Auram and Modern Day Soulja is just that song. The moment you hear the first 16 bars, there is no doubt that you will feel that you can truly take on the world for the day. This song is also one of my top favorites on the album.

As the album ends, “Agape” in my opinion truly wraps up the albums overall message, which in a different retrospect, this song can also be a tear jerker depending on which angle and perspective you choose to listen from.

As a person who is a devout and not ashamed Christian, this album resonated very well with me. It truthfully allowed me to open up my eyes and perspective on what many critics deem a “religious cult” when in actuality being a Christian isn’t a cult, instead it’s a way of living in love and happiness.

Outsiders who are on the fence about any religious beliefs especially Christianity, I will say this album tries to convey the truth of God’s word. This album is not a bashing “non- Christian” folks album, but instead it’s a truth seeing album to get your eyes and mind open. I fully commend TruthSeekah and will certainly be on the lookout for further projects to come.

Rating: 10/10