Trollfest: Kaptein Kaos review

In 2003 the Norwegian folk metal band, Trollfest released their self -titled record. 11 years later they have now released their sixth album, Kaptein Kaos.

The sound portrayed on the band\’s Kaptein Kaos is a fantastic dark cabaret with a macabre and fantasy feel. Perhaps Danny Elfman should watch his back or Trollfest may swoop in and write the soundtrack for the next Johnny Depp and Tim Burton collaboration.

The album brings together a smorgasbord of sound, including an elaborate mixture of instruments that, together, make up a dark circus melody. It is astounding what they can do with saxophones and accordions- you half expect a circus ensemble complete with the big-top, acrobats, jugglers and, in this instance, trolls, to come waltzing around the corner.

Trollfest have a wonderful way of creating their own musical world that ranges from a fairytale Middle Eastern orchestra, to an opera undertone, and then right back to their Devil\’s carnival.

They even tiptoe into a slight ska and Jamaican sound that feels like it was plucked out of the middle of summer and squeezed onto the album to make everyone feel light and happy.

Overall, Kaptein Kaos is a fun ride with lots of unexpected loops that any fan of folk, metal or avant garde should check out.

Rating: 8/10

-Cait Hummell