Trivium – In Waves

\"In \"\" by: Reggie Edwards Trivium is back with the follow-up to 2008’s Shogun. The band has come back with In Waves, which takes an interesting approach, one that will keep their long-time fans happy and possibly attract more fans. In Waves starts with an electric static intro and goes straight into vocalist Matt Heafy’s thundering screaming voice yelling “IN WAAAAVES” into the depths of your ear drums. The five-minute epic gets you amped up for the rest of the record, which is jam-packed with mind-shattering, brain-rattling metal. Trivium brings everything they’re known for, and although it isn’t their best work, they definitely have something with In Waves. Songs like “Built to Fall” and “Leaving this World Behind” are definite winners on the new album. Their signature dual guitar of Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu, the devastating double bass of Nick Augusto and the unified vocals of the band on each song will definitely please their fans. Although Heafy’s vocals aren’t the best when he goes low on this one, with the epic guitar riffs and breakdowns of In Waves turning your blood to adrenaline in just seconds, Trivium have accomplished a lot with this record and have opened the door for bigger and better recordings in the future. Rating: 7.5/10