For Today and Ice Nine Kills destroy The Emerson Theater

With the growing popularity of Christian metal bands, few are as blunt and straightforward with their beliefs than For Today. Few bands reach a level of acceptance and popularity with their fans than For Today as well and the two seem to go hand in hand. The band is currently out on the road in support of their latest record, Fight the Silence as well as playing as- along with Ice Nine Kills- direct support of Motionless In White. The tour lineup with the exception of Motionless In White made a pit stop for a one-off show at Indianapolis\’ Emerson Theater recently for a show that had an exceptional turn out and had one of the craziest crowds the venue has had in 2015. After sets from thee of Indiana\’s strongest up and coming bands, Ice Nine Kills took the stage and the intensity in the crowd grew exponentially. The energy the band gave off to the crowd came right back at them tenfold and the exchanges between the band and crowd were impressive. Their popularity is undeniable and the connection they have with their fans is one that\’s hard to find in just any band. Their set was a short one that had everyone in the crowd screaming and singing the lyrics back to the band so loud at times you almost couldn\’t even hear the band. If you want someone to watch out for, Ice Nine Kills is that band. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/For Today in Indy/Ice Nine Kills/\”] Closing off the night was For Today, who took the stage with such ferocity that it rubbed off on you. It didn\’t take long until the stagedivers and crowdsurfers took over and were inescapable. Not long after that, the circle pits and slam dancers started up and the party had begun. For Today have never strayed from what they believe and they make sure you know exactly where they stand. They also make sure you know they aren\’t forcing anything on you and that\’s why they\’re so popular- fans respect them for it. Frontman Mattie Montgomery made sure to tell the fans they loved them and that it was time to take the world back in the name of Jesus Christ. For Today doesn\’t just play music- they lead the battle and each song is a war cry for the Kingdom and it\’s an infectious one. Whether it\’s “Fearless,” “Devastator,” “Pariah” or “Seraphim,” For Today\’s songs are strong in the message and powerful in the music. On the live stage it\’s even more so and translates to one of the most impressive, intense, dynamic, peacefully aggressive and adrenaline-fueled shows you\’ll ever experience. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/For Today in Indy/For Today /\”]