For Today: Fight the Silence review

There’s been an overwhelming amount of Christian rock and metal bands crossing over into the mainstream and making some noise. Fans love them almost more than the Christian fans do and the bands are very vocal in what they believe and where they stand.

For Today are one of those bands and their latest offering, Fight the Silence, continues the strong messages from albums like Breaker and Immortal and takes on an identity of its own.

There are numerous problems in the world that are going unnoticed and people don’t recognize in any way or at least not enough and For Today address them in Fight the Silence.

With Fight the Silence we see a new side of For Today musically. While the hardcore metal side of For Today is still very prominent and the focal point of the musical side of the record, the band adds a more melodic side to their arsenal and there are more singing vocals on Fight the Silence than we’ve seen on previous records.

Kicking it off with “Molotov,” it’s clear that For Today are back with the aggression and power we’ve become so accustomed to from the band. From there we’re taken into the title track and lead single “Fight the Silence,” where we get the first look at the melodic side of the band mixed with the hardcore glory that is For Today.

Fight the Silence is by far the most mature and complex record For Today have released under Razor & Tie Records and is a gigantic leap for the band that pays off immensely.

Rating: 9/10

-Reggie Edwards