Tobymac: Eye\’m All Mixed Up review

Christian hip hop juggernaut Tobymac never seems to stop working. Whether he’s touring or recording, he’s always got something going on. In 2012 he released his latest studio record, Eye On It, which was unarguably his most successful piece of work. Debuting at no. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, Toby made Christian music history, being one of the first artists to do so. A far cry from his DC Talk and early solo days with Momentum, Eye On It is much more dance and club-oriented with a presence very similar to today’s popular rap and hip hop. Toby has made it a habit of releasing a remix album in between studio records, which offers up some revamped and reworked versions of the bigger songs from each album. This time around he brings us Eye’m All Mixed Up, which gives us remixes of some of 2012’s more popular Tobymac songs. The title track is obviously one of the remixes, along with “Forgiveness,” “Speak Life,” “Steal My Show,” “Unstoppable,” “Thankful For You,” “Mewithoutyou” and “Lose Myself” and Toby does a stellar job- as always- of recreating each song. It’s as if you haven’t even heard the songs before. Breathing new life into a song that was created two years prior can be hard to do but to do so and do it this well is a testament to Tobymac’s creativity and musicianship. This isn’t a short remix record by any means either. You’ve got 11 mixes on the record and not a single one of them is lackluster at all. A couple songs received two remixes but in those cases, both mixes are so different it makes it worth it. Hats off to Tobymac for giving fans yet another piece of music and something to tide them over until the new record releases in the near future. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards