TNA Superstar Drew Galloway talks The Rising, debuting in home country and more

TNA is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative wrestling promotions around. One of their newest talents- Drew Galloway- debuted on TNA Impact in February and has been in the middle of a heated rivalries with the Beat Down Clan BDC) and this week on Impact, his team of \”The Rising\” will make one of their first actual appearances when Impact airs at 9/8c on Destination America. He\’s also one of the hardest-working professional wrestlers around today, also appearing on many independent promotions- he currently holds the World Heavyweight Championship for numerous indy promotions. FRR: I’ve been following you on Twitter- 3 days in 3 countries. Can you tell me about what were you doing? Where they indie shows, some TNA shows? You’ve got to be exhausted right now! Drew Galloway: I wouldn’t have it any other way. I pride myself on being the busiest wrestler in the world right now. The three countries in three days thing I just did over this pack weekend was the easy part of my past couple of weeks. I started my journey over these past couple of weeks in Australia, had a couple of shows there. Flew from Australia back to- I’m sorry, the TNA thing, I had the TNA thing Friday to Sunday, then I went to Australia on Monday, and then I spent 2 days in Australia then I flew to San Jose and did three of the Dragon Gate shows I finished the last show on Saturday in the afternoon, kept my gear on got straight to the airport flew to Scotland to make a big show, the next day on the Sunday night, and then I had a couple more days off. And then I started to Scotland, London, and Belfast last night and I just got back to Belfast. I’ve got a couple more days off, if I don’t have some kind of wrestling in my life I’d lose my mind! FRR: That’s crazy. You are indeed the busiest wrestler in the world right now. I don’t think there’s any competition. You haven’t been with TNA very long, but you’ve already made a hell of an impact there. You debuted in Scotland- that alone- with you being from there, being able to debut in your home country, can you tell me a little about what that environment was like and what that meant to you personally? Drew Galloway: Just like everything in wrestling it was all just a matter of timing one show with the ICW in Scotland where I’m currently champion and I spoke to TNA on Monday, they tried to contact me a couple of times, I was a little tired and I noticed it was a number I didn’t recognize, so I didn’t answer it. Finally Tommy Dreamer had to text me and say “answer your phone, TNA” So we got talking on Monday and I was a bit apprehensive that soon, spoke to them, heard what he had to say, I was very excited after speaking to the bosses there and they pretty much told me we’re part of a new network, chance to get in on the ground floor, we want you to come in as “Drew Galloway,” be Drew Galloway, talk as Drew Galloway, wrestle as Drew Galloway and still have the freedom to do the schedule you’ve been doing. Because right now I can’t handle just doing a little bit of wrestling, I have to be doing it all the time. The idea of being a part of something exciting like TNA, building from the ground up in a destination like America It’s gonna get really big because the network is 100% behind the company that is very exciting. Doing all the things I’ve been doing, making the imapacts I’ve been making, getting my name out there. FRR: Right away you’re in the middle of a great storyline. You’ve had a lot more time on the mic than you’ve had on television in the past, I think that’s really helping a lot and making everything more well-rounded. How’s it been being able to get all of that mic time? Some of these promos you’ve been cutting have been epic already- it’s been awesome to see. Drew Galloway: Thank you for the complimentive comments. Basically just being myself, I’m speaking my mind, Drew Galloway saying what Drew Galloway thinks. It’s not a character, or something written for me by a writer. It’s basically TNA saying “hey, we want you to be Drew, go out and be Drew and say what Drew thinks” and Drew’s the biggest wrestling fan in the world. Speaking as a wrestling fan I’m the biggest wrestling geek and a smart mark. I actually say what’s on my mind and if people are responsive it’s probably because they’re a big wrestling fan too because I’m just saying how I feel. A lot of people say they feel exactly the same and that’s the biggest compliment ever because that’s all I want to do right now, is just be myself. I did it independent and I’m doing it in TNA and everywhere I go, you’re getting 100% Drew Galloway. You can only go so far in the ring, but to express yourself and be able to connect with everybody- that is just very exciting for me, it’s a very exciting time for me right now. FRR: Awesome. You’ve been able to showcase your in-ring talents a lot more especially on the new network, Destination America. It’s a bit of a different ring than you’re used to in the past. It’s not your traditional 4-side ring, was that hard for you to get adjusted to at first, or was it pretty natural Drew Galloway: That’s actually the first time I’ve been asked that question, it’s a good question! Yea, it’s a bit of a change. You spend 14 years wrestling with 4 sides, then you get in there initially and you’re a bit disorientated initially, but once I got in there and walked around for probably 5 minutes and I just said “screw it! I’m just go for it in the match.” My first match was with Kenny King and once I get in there, no matter how many sides there are, it’s just natural to be in there. Also, when it comes to myself I tried to be as creative as possible when it comes to in-ring stuff, and the fact that you have six sides actually opens up more doors for me to create new moves, new spots, new situations. So I look at it as I can use this to my advantage, my whole gimmick, and when I say gimmick it’s just me trying to think outside the box, be as creative as possible use the ring as a weapon, how can I do something that’s never been done before and that opens up new possibilities for me, so it became exciting rather than “woah, this will be weird” FRR: Obviously there’s more turnbuckles. Do you ever feel tempted to do more aerial maneuvers with more top rope opportunities? Drew Galloway: I don’t know, I’m 6’6”so I like my feet on the ground, but yea, I’m not afraid to move around a bit. I do like to move around, I do like to do some exciting things. There is a lot of possibilities. You might not catch me doing the 450 any time soon but never say never for something crazy from Drew! FRR: You’re able to do a lot more indy base than in the past and I feel like you’ve really taken advantage of that ICW, Evolve, and all of these indies promotions. What made you want to do the indie promotions instead of just one promotion? Drew Galloway: The way I looked at, it as soon as I was gone from WWE I will never be just like a lot of these guys who are gone and then they float under the radar and they hope to be back one day and hope to get an opportunity elsewhere at one of the bigger companies in the world. That wasn’t me. I instantly went and said “I have an opportunity right now” all I know is wrestling. My resume reads school, high school, criminology degree, work experience- present: professional wrestler. That’s all I know- my specialty. So I knew right away I could take what I know and I’m gonna make something happen. I will not be one of these guys who flies under the radar, I will make a fan wherever I go. I knew first off that once I go back to Scotland I was the first-ever champion. I showed up and it’s so hard to keep a secret in wrestling one other person knew, not even my family new. I was basically hiding in my home for 3 days in Scotland before the show. I just wanted a secret in wrestling. I showed up at the building, I hid in the basement and they turned the lights on and I was in the ring. I cut my mission statement, I’d just let the world know Drew’s coming and refuse to be anything less than the best in the world, and that went viral and I ended up in a match with Chris Hero, the champion, and I ended up winning that match just people helping me out, people believing in me before I’d really proven myself because I hadn’t had a proper match in a long time as far people are concerned. And then all of these individuals gave me a chance, gave me the ball, and that’s all I wanted, that’s all I ever wanted, was opportunity, just give me the ball and I just kept going, and going, and going. And the thing exploded over the last 9 months now, I can’t believe it’s been such a short space of time. I currently have 5 titles in 3 continents. Last Saturday I won the Dragon USA title, double title there Danish title, NCW title. Things couldn’t be any better, and to cap it all off I’m currently with TNA, Drew Galloway TNA, and the idea of if I keep working I’m gonna get a chance to wrestle with Kurt Angle the world champion right now, and that’s crazy to hear right now! FRR: That would be a great match, we’re talking Pay-Per-View. That would be awesome. I want to talk about The Rising, that’s what’s going on right now. Whose idea was The Rising, where did it come from? You guys are doing it so well, it really takes me back a bit. Drew Galloway: Thank you! That means a lot obviously coming from a big fan such as yourself. Let’s see what happens. I came in, gave my mission statement like I do, and let the world know what Drew Galloway’s all about. We started out with the BDC and there’s a lot of those guys. Then you’ve got guys like Eli Drake and Mikah, who’s born into real wrestling, past tradition for him. That’s just been his blood and passion, somebody’s who’s never really got the break yet. He’s good in the ring and he’s very confident on the mic as well. And he just loves wrestling as well. Likeminded individuals, it’s an exciting time and I suggest everybody check out Impact this Friday and not only that but the live-tweeting all the fans’ tweets and not only that but I’m watching everything people are saying in general. I’m very hands on. I love working with TNA because we are working together, I’m not being told what to do, we are working hand-in-hand. It’s exciting. Anything the fans want to see, any views they have, say it! If I agree with you, and chances are I will, if you’re a wrestling fan like me I’ve been up on wrestling sites, and if I agree with what you say I’ll go straight to the office and say “put this on TV.” We’ll live-tweet the fans’ tweets, message it, everybody tweet your thing, whatever you want to see on the show, what you’ll enjoy, fire it out there and I’ll make sure it’s there next week. You’ll see a bigger production of the Rising this week so you’ll get all the questions you have will be answered. FRR: Awesome. I was about to ask, this is the big week, a lot of stuff is coming to a head this week. Without giving too much away what can fans expect from The Rising? What’s coming this Friday? Drew Galloway: All I can suggest is you know it’s going to be exciting. Last week’s show impact UK response from the crowd. I don’t know how it’s gonna be in America, if it’s the exact same response because people just agree with what I’m saying. I’m not trying to be a leader, I’m not trying to say to everybody “these are my views, I’ll lead you all” but “Hey, I’m a wrestling fan, and I have an opportunity.” I grew up wanting to be a wrestler, wanting to be an actor. So we put on screen what we want to see, so this Friday we’ve got a clear introduction about what the Rising’s all about, so I don’t want to spoil it, but if you’ve not watched it this is the week to watch it because I guarantee you’re gonna want to keep watching.