Throwdown stream new record, Intolerance, in full

THROWDOWN is streaming their new LP, \”Intolerance\” today in anticipation of its release this coming Tuesday, January 21st. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN CLICK HERE TO PRE ORDER The band recently released two singles, \”Defend with Violence\” and \”Avow,\” which is available forpurchase via iTunes. This is the first new music we\’ve seen from the SOCAL metal act since \”Deathless\” was released back in 2009. THROWDOWN will release \”Intolerance\” on January 21, 2014. The new effort combines the massive production punch of the moody, sludgy and powerfully diverse masterpiece \”Deathless\” (which spawned the Sirius XM staples \”This Continuum\” and \”The Scythe”) with the focused resolve of the band\’s genre-classic-filled back catalog. The big sound that developed on \”Deathless\” works magic upon the brutal missives found all over \”Intolerance,\” nearly all of which clock in around 2 minutes. \”Deathless\” and \”Vendetta\” collaborator Zeuss (Hatebreed, Crowbar, Demon Hunter) returned to mix the new record. A cornerstone of the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, Throwdown have earned hard-fought accolades from the likes of Revolver and Metal Hammer magazines, who likened the stomp of \”Venom & Tears\” to Pantera. Following Dave Peters switch from guitar to vocals over twelve years ago, the band delivered the songs from \”Haymaker,\” \”Vendetta\” and \”Venom & Tears\” on celebrated tours with Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, In Flames, Korn, Fear Factory and Cavalera Conspiracy and at major festivals around the globe, like Download UK. Drummer Jarrod Alexander (American Nightmare, Suicide File, My Chemical Romance) made his first recorded appearance with Throwdown on \”Haymaker,\” returning as a session player again for \”Deathless\” and the brand new album, \”Intolerance.\” The new album was recorded at Hurley Recordings in Costa Mesa, California with rising producer Davey Warsop and mixed at Planet Z. \”Intolerance\” features guitar solo contributions from Dave Nassie (Bleeding Through, No Use For A Name, Infectious Grooves), who joined Throwdown’s recent touring lineup alongside Demon Hunter drummer Tim “Yogi” Watts and \”Deathless\” era bassist Mark Mitchell.

  1. Fight Or Die 2. Borrowed Time 3. Avow 4. Hardened By Consequence 5. Defend with Violence 6. Suffer, Conquer. 7. Cut Away 8. Intolerance 9. Without Weakness 10. Born and Buried Alone 11. Condemned to Live PRE-ORDER ON ITUNES HERE