Throw Logic review

\"ThrowFormed from the ashes of other successful regional acts and influenced by the likes of Fear Factory, Sevendust, The Police and Tool, Throw Logic are poised to cement their reputation for putting together groove laden hard rock with their latest offering, Breaking December. Having already performed alongside the likes of Saving Abel, Hoobastank, Taproot and Karnivool, Throw Logic offer up a refined take on their craft, matching their ability with a visually stimulating live show and an unrelenting sense of energy that is sure to hammer home the message they have on offer. Stating themselves that “Throw Logic push the boundaries of rock and metal to create an energetic and audibly enticing style fuelled by melody, scattered with aggression and infused with the art of groove”, suggesting on paper at least, that this Phoenix based 5 piece are indeed, about to break through. True to form, as Solstice eases Breaking December into being, there’s an uneasy sense of calm created, suggesting that there’s more to follow, yet not giving away the true form of the record just yet – almost tempting the listener to keep listening. The electronic tones that signal the end of the intro soon give way into title track Breaking December, propelling the record from the calm and easy going initial moments, to a far more heavily orientated place. Packed with aggression whilst still managing to keep a level head so as not to push the boundaries of the track beyond their capabilities, Breaking December hits all of the right notes, kicking the record off in solid fashion whilst demonstrating just how much work has gone into its production. Continuing to develop the Throw Logic sound into Never Enough, the record takes far more of a nu-metal turn, combining different levels of vocals over a bass heavy rhythm whilst battering the listener with distortion and power throughout. This continued development and constant desire to push further and harder is something which is abundant throughout Breaking December, but particularly clear in Drifters, a track which fits the “ballad” part for the record, yet still manages to hammer home just how able a unit Throw Logic really are. Melodic yet packing enough of a punch to keep fans of the heavier style content, this is a definite stand out point on the EP, and a moment which, given the right press, could well garner the band some serious radio coverage. With 5  (not counting the intro track) tracks that are sure to appeal to fans of nu-metal, melodic metal, groove orientated metal and hard rock, Throw Logic have put together something that isn’t just going to be a flash in the pan for the next year, Breaking December has the right components to stand the test of time and become a record we all return to time and time again. Rating: 9/10 -Dave Nicholls