Three Days Grace: Human review

Three Days Grace have finally turned the corner into the latest chapter of their career. With new frontman Matt Walst, formerly of My Darkest Days, at the helm, the band are back and running harder than ever with their fifth studio record- Human. Although they toured with Walst for the majority of the Transit of Venus tour cycle and did so for almost two years straight, this is their first studio record with the current inception of the band and the long stretch of time they\’ve toured and played together leading to Human has really paid off and you can tell almost from the beginning of the album. The record opens with “Human Race,” the current single- and the third one so far. This is an interesting way to open the album as it\’s a little bit slower and a little more experimental than Three Days Grace have gone in the past, but it works and kicks ass as an opener. This leads into the lead single from the record- “Painkiller,” which released almost a year prior to the album. “Painkiller” is the epitome of a Three Days Grace song and shows the band doing what they do best and have been for five albums now. “Landmine” takes what “Painkiller” does and ups the ante a bit. “Landmine” should be one of the biggest hits from the record and is what Three Days Grace fans love so much about the band- they don\’t mind talking about the rage and anger that makes people have such short fuses. “Tell Me Why” is a song that shows a more personal side of the band, crying out wondering why things get so good but get ripped away so quickly and strongly. This is Three Days Grace at one of their most vulnerable places and shows them bearing their heart and soul, screaming at the top of their lungs. Anyone who could relate to “Never Too Late” can relate to this song too. This leads into second single, “I Am Machine,” which takes the energy up a notch again and, once again, shows what makes Three Days Grace such a threat- as does “So What,” which should be yet another big hit for the band. “Nothing\’s Fair in Love and War” is a perfect play on one of the most well-known sayings in the history of mankind. The song itself is another song that anyone could relate to. If you\’ve been stabbed in the back, betrayed or blindsided by that special person or that longtime close friend- this will be your new anthem. It\’s a great revenge song. In the end, Three Days Grace have written an album that should spawn numerous hits and- much like One X– should see them touring for quite awhile. They\’ve successfully turned the page on a time of turmoil and they\’re running full-speed ahead into the new era of Three Days Grace. This could very well be the band\’s most successful album yet. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards