Thousand Foot Krutch: OXYGEN:INHALE review

It\’s been two years since Thousand Foot Krutch released their breakthrough smash hit record The End i s Where We Begin. 2014 sees the band return with their latest record, OXYGEN:INHALE, which sees them take a different musical approach. While TEIWWB showed the band going back to their roots with the rap-infused metal, OXYGEN:INHALE is a more straight-forward, in-your-face rock record reminiscent of albums like Phenomenon or The Art of Breaking. Opener \”Like a Machine\” has a classic vintage rock sound to it and shows up front this will be a different journey with the band. There\’s a little bit of soul mixed in with the metal and it\’s a perfect combo to start an album. \”Untraveled Road\” keeps it going with an ongoing climax of a song that should be their next big hit and is the standout track of the album. Lead single \”Born This Way\” follows the trend of throwback with an anthemic track that will become an instant crowd favorite. Thousand Foot Krutch have always been one of the more underrated bands as far as ballads go and with OXYGEN:INHALE, TFK spread their wings and include more softer tracks than on previous records with each one being better than the last. This is one of TFK\’s most diverse and impressive releases to date and they show first-hand that after all these years, they can still create something fresh, new and keep from recycling themselves. If you\’re a newer fan or even if you\’re a longtime fan there\’s something to enjoy on this album and TFK have knocked it out of the park. This should catapult them to the next level. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards