TheSurrendering – Made for You

\"TheSurrendering\" Fans of Skillet, Evanescence, Hillsong United and blues rock will love TheSurrenderings’ debut effort, Made for You. That’s a pretty broad statement, I know, but trust me, it makes perfect sense. TheSurrendering offer an outstanding blend of blues, rock, acoustic praise and worship and many other great genres. Lead vocalist Rebecca Congleton offers strong front person vocals that resemble Amy Lee of Evanescence or a vague Alanis Morrisette; lead guitarist Steve Lanham\’s guitar work is smooth as can be while rhythm guitarist Joe Congleton\’s voice gives off shades of Skillets’ John Cooper (and even a bit of Todd Agnew). The album flows stupendously well and is easy for listeners to turn it on, zone out and get into the worship experience. It’s difficult to find a debut album these days that mixes outstanding front vocals with superb backing vocals, smooth and flowing instrumentals with lyrics that jump out of the speakers and cut straight to the heart. Made for You is a spiritual cry to God and shows TheSurrenderings’ faith and reflects their hearts in a very personal way and there is no doubt the album should find its way into the collection of anyone who loves good blues rock and worship music. Rating- 8/10