These Hearts: Yours to Take review

\"YoursOften times, bands are measured by their sophomore records. When a band releases a debut that blows fans away, they wanna see what the next record holds. If it delivers, the fans really cling to them. Yours to Take, the sophomore full-length record from metalcore rockers These Hearts, which is set for release today, summarizes this and shows the band really coming into their own. Their previous record, Forever Ended Yesterday, was a great debut and catapulted the band onto most of the major festivals. Since then, fans have been itching for the follow-up and they won’t be let down in the least bit. With Yours to Take, These Hearts go in a much more melodic, groovy and comfortable direction and it’s clear the band is more comfortable and confident here. Then bring in Bert Poncet and Mattie Montgomery to guest on a few tracks and you’ve got a home run of an album here. Even people who didn’t like Forever Ended Yesterday will find something to love in Yours to Take. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards