Review: Theory of a Deadman- Dinosaur

Theory of a Deadman have gone through a major musical reinvention of themselves over the last seven years, going from a mainstream rock style to a more alternative style and fans have loved it.  Enter 2023 and the band have put together a record in Dinosaur, which is their first record since Say Nothing– a record that was released less than two months before the pandemic that shut down the entire world.  Dinosaur sees the band finding a way to revamp their sound yet again, with songs like the title track, “Ambulance,” “Medusa,” “Sick,” “Summer Song,” “Get In Line” and “Stuck.” However, they also keep the same approach they’ve had with the previous records in songs like “Head in the Clouds,” “Sideways” and “Hearts Too Wild” show the softer side of Theory that everyone has loved for so many years as well.  “Medusa,” “Sick,” “Stuck,” \”Ambulance\” and “Summer Song” are all your classic Theory songs about hating the person you’re in a relationship with- with “Summer Song” showing the journey of falling for a person your friends all warn you about and then slowly growing to hate that person- but the band takes you through the entire journey. While \”Get In Line\” shows the band channeling their inner Foo Fighters and \”Ambulance\” makes you wanna go straight to a rave and party all night long, “Medusa” shows the band unpacking the realization that your partner is just bad for you but you can’t get away because you’re addicted to them. No matter how hard you try to run away and get you, you just can’t.  “Stuck” is a fun take on the classic “Just The Two Of Us” that is more about absolutely despising your partner and pointing out how abusive and toxic they are while “Sick” takes you back a decade to “The Truth Is…” It’s an ironic, upbeat, peppy bop that makes you smile from the launch of the chorus and is just fun from start to finish.  In the end, there’s just so much to love about this album. Theory of a Deadman have combined the classic Theory sound with the modern approach while throwing in some new bells and whistles.  This album is just perfect, beautiful, fun, emotional and relatable. This is the new Theory of a Deadman and there’s something for every era of Theory fan to fall in love with all over again. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards