\"The by Phillip Coon 20 years ago a Celtic punk band from Chicago was born- their name was The Tossers.  It’s been four long years since the band has released an album, but fear not fans, because they are about to unleash a new album titled The Emerald City on March 5 through Victory Records. One thing is for sure- this album is amazing. The Tossers have great energy and it can be heard in their music and seen at their live shows. The Emerald City is a tribute to the bands Irish heritage as well to their birthplace of Chicago. The first single “Emerald City,” is a song about the band’s love for Chicago. And of course it wouldn’t be a Tossers album without having a song about drinking and having good times with friends and family. “Where The Beer and Whiskey Flow” and “Here’s To A Drink with You” will make you want to enjoy a pint of your favorite beer or whiskey with friends. Cheers to The Tossers for making another great album, fans of the band and Celtic punk in general will not be disappointed. Rating: 10/10