The Spiritual Significance of Music

by Reggie Edwards

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up “The Spiritual Significance of Music.”\"\"

When I opened the book, I was amazed at what I found. “The Spiritual Significance of Music” by Justin St. Vincent blew me away with the variety of perspectives showcased.

The book gives you excerpts of interviews conducted with a plethora of musicians and scholars who are very involved with the music industry or have been at some point.

It is so refreshing to open a book and read the thoughts of artists like Stryper, Petra, Kevin Max of DC Talk, Demon Hunter, Bride, Mortification and more, seeing what they think spirituality has to do with music. Their thoughts are very revealing and interesting.

However it’s really cool to see St. Vincent going across the spectrum and bringing us artists like Guns n Roses, Atheist, The Berzerker, Devo, Cannibal Corpse, DragonForce and others, who many christians consider to be anti-religion.

I highly urge anyone to pick up “The Spiritual Significance of Music” if they have any interest in music and want a glimpse into the minds and opinions of their favorite artists.