The Ongoing Concept: Saloon review

With today’s metal scene evolving at a rapid pace, there’s a lot of room for experimentation. With as many sub-genres (even if you hate genres, they’re here to stay) as there are, there’s a place for virtually any sound and talented group that emerges. The Ongoing Concept’s Saloon is one of those records that shows just how versatile the artist is. What The Ongoing Concept have done with Saloon is what so many bands used to do – and that’s use more than just one sound throughout the record. Saloon is dynamic, it’s eclectic, it’s heavy, it’s aggressive and it’s one hell of a metal album. If The Ongoing Concept continue to write and record albums of this caliber, it shouldn’t be long until they’re one of the heavy hitters in metal and metalcore. Rating: 8.5/10