The Nearly Deads: Survival Guide

With the plethora of female fronted hard rock and metal bands that exist today, it’s quite easy for a new band to go unnoticed. This is not the case with Tampa, FL. newcomers The Nearly Deads. In a short period of time, they have gone from relative obscurity, to being the next band set to explode. Largely due to their zombie filled video for the song “Never Look Back” getting over 4 million views on YouTube.

The band is Theresa Jeane on vocals, Brandon Barnes & Steven Tobi on guitars and the rhythm section of Cory Walen & Kevin Koelsch on drums & bass respectively.  There is far more to them than this one hit song. You see, they are also turning heads with the music they create. With their cleverly crafted songs and unothodox blending of several genres, the band has managed to craft something that is uniquely their own.

Their new album “Survival Guide” is the band’s first for Standby Records and is a towering acheivement for a band so young. Opening track “Brave” strongly resembles Paramore and has an infectious sing along chorus. The viral video smash “Never Look Back,” blends Stars In Stereo and The Pretty Reckless, for one of the discs standout tracks. “Changeover” is what you might get if Avril Lavigne was the singer for Picture Me Broken.

Up next is the ridiculously catchy “Reasons.” A song that The Letter Black and New Years Day fans are just going to be in love with.  “Fact & Friction” is equal parts Halestorm, Delain and Hydrogyn and is by far the best track on the cd. The album closes with an acoustic reimagining of “Never Look Back,” that may be better than the original.

Here’s the bottom line. This band made it to #14 on the Billboard Next Big Sound Chart and were asked out on the 2012 Warped Tour for a reason. They deserved it. If you enjoy bands like Halestorm, Paramore, The Letter Black or Fireflight even a little, then your gonna like The Nearly Deads, a lot. 8 out of 10.

Eric Hunker