Review: Black Veil Brides- The Mourning

One year after releasing The Phantom Tomorrow, Black Veil Brides are back with The Mourning. 

This four-track EP was written coming out of some of the hardest years BVB went through as a band. With the help of Erik Ron (Godsmack, Bush, and The Faim) BVB worked together and poured their hearts and souls into this Record.

Opening track, “Devil” really shows just how invigorated and frustrated the world was as everyone started coming out of COVID.

However, the next track “Savior II” switches gears and shows you just how reenergized and hopeful the band is about moving forward; it’s one of the most beautiful tracks the band has ever written.

The other two songs on the EP are just as honest and hard-hitting. You can tell the band was proud to release this record.

Four tracks may not seem like a lot, but there’s a lot to digest with The Mourning and it’s just enough to get fans through until BVB can get back to the studio and give the world another full-length album.

Rating: 9/10

-Tim Stepp