The Jokers: Rock and Roll is Alive review

Imagine you are on a road trip and looking for that perfect album to provide  the soundtrack on the way to your destination РLiverpool rock band The Jokers new album Rock & Roll Is Alive would be that great record to listen to for your musical entertainment.

Gaining notoriety from their 2009 debut album The Big Rock n\’ Roll Show, The Jokers are on a mission to continue to bang out a classic rock and roll sound with a blues influence that can be heard on their new album Rock & Roll Is Alive, which is set to be released in the U.S. September 10. To help achieve that rock and blues sound The Jokers recruited producer Andy MacPherson (who has previously produced albums for Eric Clapton, The Who, and The Buzzcocks).

Rock & Roll Is Alive is a straight-forward, rock oriented album with sounds rooted deeply in the 1970\’s, with influences from Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Free. The Joker\’s bluesy guitar riffs and strong emotional vocals will delight fans of classic rock.

Rating: 9/10

– Philip Coon