The Great Commission\’s Angela Razo talks \”Firework EP,\” Scream the Prayer and more

\"\" by Reggie Edwards The Great Commission guitarist Angela Razo sat down with The Front Row Report recently to talk about the band’s latest release, The Firework EP, a collection of acoustic versions of songs off their sophomore album, Heavy Worship. The album has one song featuring their hard, fast-paced metal sound, but it’s not what you’d expect- a cover of Katy Perry’s “Firework.” You might be surprised at what she had to say about their choice to cover the song, it may give you goosebumps. Perry’s parents are born-again Christians and they often go on the road with her. While she’s on stage singing “Firework” to thousands of screaming fans each night, her parents are back stage praying over every person in the arena. We also had a chance to talk about their return run on The Scream the Prayer Tour and why the band decided to return for another go at the tour. Listen to the complete interview below: The Great Commission \"\"