The Chariot- One Wing review

\"One by Reggie Edwards The Chariot are by far one of the craziest, most insane bands in the business today. Stories of their live shows are infamous and are categorized as legendary in the Christian metal industry. Their latest album, One Wing, takes it to another level, as The Chariot usually does with each album. While a little more melodic, just a little, the band picks up where they left off on Long Live and Wars and Rumors of Wars with this one, taking the insanity just a little further. The song titles give us a message, as has become a normal thing for The Chariot with One Wing telling us “Forget Not Your First Love. Speak In Tongues And Cheek.” This one is a hardcore-metal-punk-death metal experience if there ever was one with The Chariot fusing every imaginable metal genre together to make for one outstanding experience. Rating: 9/10