by Reggie Edwards When I got an email about reviewing The Stomach for It, the latest release from The Bunny The Bear, I was intrigued. I\"\" just had to see what they were all about. I wasn’t disappointed at all. They threw me for a loop immediately, with the album starting with an acoustic and electronic sound. Then like a bat out of hell, the metal sound we all know and love came blaring through my speakers, accompanied by some high-pitched singing. I absolutely love this balance. I think we need more of it. The entire record offers this refreshing sound. Melodic singing mixed with metal screams and growls grew on me quickly. This is an energy The Bunny The Bear is able to maintain throughout the entirety of the album, which I was hoping for. If you want a heavy-hitting album that balances hardcore screaming with sweet, melodic singing, you’d be an idiot not to pick up The Stomach for It. It becomes more and more obvious throughout the album. Rating: 8/10