Thank You Scientist: Maps Of Non-Existent Places review

When the name Thank You Scientist comes across your desk you may think of a band with some of the most technical and complicated riffs and hooks in the game. The name just begs and oozes with concise, and intricate instrumentals. For the most part that’s what we have with avant-garde prog metal band Thank You, Scientist’s latest release, Maps of Non-Existent Places. While the band has a solid foundation reminiscent of metalcore and progmixed together, the guitar work is complex to the point it would make the gentleman from Dragonforce quake in their boots. Vocally this is one impressive record as well with some of the best cleans you’ll find. For a band just five years into their career, Thank You Scientist has a bright future ahead of them. Releasing the record via Evil Ink Records- the new label from Coheed & Cambria front man Claudio Sanchez, this is the perfect setting for the band, not to mention they’re about to hit the road with Coheed. Maps of Non-Existent Places is a beautiful, complex, intricate, funfest that you absolutely have to check out. Any fan of progressive metal and avant-garde in general will be in technical metal bliss. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards