TesseracT Share \”Tourniquet\” Video From \”P O R T A L S\”

In December 2020, TesseracT invited fans to join them in P O R T A L S — an ambitious concept created to offer an escape in a time of isolation. The cinematic experience fused live performance with beautiful lighting and striking effects, brought together by chaptered screenplay. By taking their most daring steps as a creative force, the band offered the viewer a completely new and unique experience. The P O R T A L S show saw the band perform 14 songs spanning their entire catalog in a performance that lasted over two hours, including fan favorites, singles, and tracks that had never performed live before, including \”Tourniquet.\”
Bass player Amos Williams says, \”We wanted to bring a balance of fan favorites and deep cuts to the show. \’Tourniquet\’ is one of those songs that sits firmly in both of those camps and is one we have never performed live before. It\’s such a powerful build-up that we knew we had to find a really interesting way to support this visually. The team of Tom Campbell (LD), Dan Briggs (Lasers), and Richard Oaks (DP) really brought their \’A\’ game. When we saw this footage back, it was mesmerizing. Once again, this song highlights just what a wonderful team effort this was. The colors, the vibe, the cinematography — it all intertwines to lift the song to another level.\” \”Tourniquet\” will be available as a single on streaming services from Thursday, August 5. Kscope will present this unique event to a wider audience for the first time. The film and soundtrack will be issued on an array of formats including Blu-Ray, Triple LP soundtrack, and as a limited edition deluxe four-disc book edition on August 27. View the trailer here. The band also previously shared the video for \”Nocturne.\” Watch it here.
P O R T A L S TRACK LISTING: 1. \”Of Matter\” (P O R T A L S) [13:55] 2. \”King\” (P O R T A L S) [06:28] 3. \”Concealing Fate Parts 1, 2 & 3\” (P O R T A L S) [18:15] 4. \”Tourniquet\” (P O R T A L S) [04:30] 5. \”Beneath My Skin/Mirror Image\” (P O R T A L S) [05:44] 6. \”Orbital\” (P O R T A L S) [02:06] 7. \”Juno\” (P O R T A L S) [06:11] 8. \”Cages\” (P O R T A L S) [05:28] 9. \”Dystopia\” (P O R T A L S) [06:43] 10. \”Phoenix\” (P O R T A L S) [04:18] 11. \”Nocturne\” (P O R T A L S) [04:21] 12. \”Eden\” (P O R T A L S) [06:30] 13. \”Of Energy\” (P O R T A L S) [11:05] 14. \”Seven Names\” (P O R T A L S) [05:02]
 P O R T A L S will be released on the following formats. Pre-order it here.