TesseracT: Altered State review

\"AlteredTesseracT are a progressive metal band from the UK that certainly knows how to make an album. Altered State is a three-part masterpiece that shows the talent of the musicians and the artistry of progressive metal.  With a perfect blend of smooth slow parts and grungy metal breakdowns this album is one of metals finest works of art.  Though it is almost an hour of music it is well worth a listen. All of the songs have been beautifully mastered and the flow of the album is incredible.  The tones are balanced perfectly and all parts are balanced for an easy listening experience. The songs overall are a little on the light side for progressive metal and might be a slight turn off to huge metal fans. The vocals are perfectly clear but lacking a bit of that power and aggression that metal demands.  The guitar parts are intriguing and skillful while the drums keep the beet and add a flare to the songs.  Overall it is an excellent source musicianship. The length of the album is a lot to take in but for post hardcore fans it will be well worth the hour it takes to listen to.  For the listener that only dabbles in post hard core it might be a little long. Over all this album is a great piece of art that show cases all the musicians.  TesseracT do a great job at showing off their writing skills.  You can tell that they poured their time and hard work into this album. The lyrics are a little hard to understand but still enjoyable.  TesseracT have done a fantastic job on this album. Rating 7/10 -Kelly Keating