Tech N9ne: Therapy review

\"Therapy\"Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne is one of those guys that is always on the grind, whether it\’s making new albums, rapping on other artist\’s albums, or promoting artists that he signed to his own music label, Strange Music. Tech N9ne is also known for experimenting with different styles of music that doesn\’t follow the rules of your typical rap sound. Therapy – Sessions with Ross Robinson, Tech’s latest experiment, showcases his different tastes in music by mixing rock with rap. Producer Ross Robinson is well known for working with rock bands such as KoRn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Soulfly, and Machine Head, helping propel those bands and the nu-metal sound that became popular in the late 1990\’s and early 2000\’s. Tech N9ne met up with Robinson at his home in Venice Beach and thus the musical process for Therapy began. With the help of Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland and hardcore punk drummer Sammy Siegler, Tech N9ne was able to create his vision for the new album. Therapy isn\’t your typical rap/rock, nu metal style of music, though; it’s in your face intense. Tech N9ne is able to get out his emotions and experiences into this album. With the opening skit, \”Ghost,\” with Robinson telling him to conjure that ghost you can tell that this album will be different than anything we\’ve heard from Tech N9ne. The first track, \”Public School,\” combines heavy metal sounds and Tech\’s powerful vocals, expressing his disappointment with his educational experience growing up. \”Head Now\” featuring Strange Music artists Wreckonize and Bernz, is a song against those that thought Tech was a devil worshipper and \”When Demons Come\” is an eerie acoustic song featuring rock aritist Tyler Lyon. Therapy is a hard hitting album that showcases the intensity and lyrical genius of Tech N9ne and fans of Tech N9ne as well as rap and rock music will enjoy this album. Rating: 10/10 – Philip Coon