Tear Out The Heart: Dead, Everywhere review

Tear Out The Heart have been making a name for themselves in the metalcore world in support of their debut, Violence and their sophomore album- Dead, Everywhere is sure to continue their momentum. Dead, Everywhere takes the brutality found on Violence and raises the bar exponentially- wait, no- it obliterates it. This is a hardcore journey if there ever was one, and one that you won\’t be able to take lightly. If you aren\’t ready for it, Tear Out The Heart will kick you in the ass with Dead, Everywhere and make sure you remember who they are. The album opens with a spoken word track that will capture your attention and bring you in so close that it will blow you away when the music hits. The maturity from Violence to Dead, Everywhere is more than impressive and the heavy tour schedule the band had in support of their debut has helped them in leaps and bounds and it shows tenfold on this album. If you dug Violence, make sure you check out Dead, Everywhere because you\’ll find something to love even more on this one. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards