Tantric live in Indianapolis

Tantric have been on the road nonstop for the last year and a half or so, supporting their most recent full-length- 37 Channels, which many have deemed the best album of their career and a great comeback for frontman Hugo Ferreira. With a new label home in Pavement Music, Tantric are back in full effect and they hit Indianapolis’ Hi-Fi club for a show with labelmates Emperors & Elephants, who started the show in high-octane fashion. Playing for almost an hour, there was time for them to play almost their entire Devil in the Lake album, which gave fans a great idea of what the band has to offer and what they’re all about- pure, heavy rock and roll. Frontman Jesse Andrews is a beast on the live stage. Vocally, he’s one of the strongest and most impressive you’re gonna find anywhere. He owns every inch of the stage and made sure it wasn’t just him the fans were watching and paying attention to. With a raspy voice as powerful as it gets, he\’s a hell of an underrated vocalist. He also had some fun with the fans, poking fun at himself when he got his words mixed up when talking to the fans in between songs. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Tantric in Indy/Emperors and Elephants/\”] Drummer Jason Meudt is one of the most entertaining drummers around today, spinning the drumstick in one hand more times than you\’ll ever see on each song, he brings a special kind of energy to the stage. He also fed off the mess-ups Andrews made in between songs, adding a comical drum fill from time to time. They were a perfect fit to open for Tantric, who took the stage not too long thereafter, kicking it off with “Hey Now,” before launching into a set that included every Tantric song the diehard fans wanted to hear. 14 years after their debut self-titled record released, Tantric is still going strong and sounds better than ever. In fact, many are calling their Pavement debut 37 Channels their best album yet. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Tantric in Indy/Tantric/\”] Frontman Hugo Ferreira was on as always and sounded just as good as he did in 2001 and the rest of the band was just as on point. From the beginning of the night with “Hey Now” up through “Breakdown,” “Mosquita,” “Astounded” and “Mourning,” the crowd was feeling every moment of the show and was getting more and more involved as the set progressed. If you want a low-key show with kickass music and a band who\’s as good as they come on the live stage, check out Tantric with Emperors & Elephants- it\’s a show you don\’t wanna miss. -Reggie Edwards