Tantric kicks off tour at Indy\’s Vogue Theater

In today’s music world, it’s all about momentum. If you don’t keep the momentum up, you’ll get lost in the shuffle and fans will move on. Sometimes you get a band who releases a record and the momentum and steam picks back up after some time away and that’s exactly what you have with Tantric’s latest record, 37 Channels. Released last September, 37 Channels was the band’s first release in over four years and saw the band at their absolute best and has been deemed by many as the strongest release of their career. With the main chunk of a band’s income provided solely from touring, Tantric have been out on the road nonstop since the record’s release with the first stop of their latest tour leg coming at Indianapolis’ Vogue Theater in support of Buckcherry, who are also out promoting a new record in Confessions, which sees Buckcherry really coming into their own. Opening the show was The Last Vegas, who had an interesting sound. If you were to combine Alice Cooper, Led Zeppelin and Buckcherry into one band, you’d have The Last Vegas. While they weren’t the most impressive and mind-blowing opening band you’ll find, they got the crowd going and warmed up, which is really about all you can ask for from an opening band. Next up on the evening was Tantric, who’s many hits and beautiful combination of southern rock, country and metal had the crowd expecting a lot and they weren’t let down. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Buckcherry and Tantric (Indianapolis)/Tantric /\”] Frontman Hugo Ferreira has written some of the most beautiful songs in recent years and has reached the top numerous times. Not only that but he’s one of the best frontmen in the business and Indy saw that first hand. Backed by a new band, Ferreira not only owned every inch of the stage, but he spent a large portion of the set on the barricade singing along with the crowd and letting them do the singing for a few songs as well. Whether you’re a fan of “Mind Control,” “Mosquita,” “Breakdown” or any of the outstanding tracks Ferreira has penned, you’re gonna get all of them on this tour. Having been around for almost 20 years now, Tantric still have what it takes to be seen as not only one of the best bands in the game but one of the best live bands you’ll find and 37 Channels and this tour is prime example. Not long after Tantric wore the crowd out and took them to the edge of insanity, Buckcherry took the stage to cap off the night with the high-energy set that only Buckcherry can provide. They kicked it off with “Lit Up,” which always gets the crowd going and went straight into “Rescue Me” from the Black Butterfly album and the party had begun. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2014/Buckcherry and Tantric (Indianapolis)/Buckcherry/\”] Singer Josh Todd is always one of the most energetic frontmen and Indy was no exception as he got the crowd yelling, chanting, jumping and singing with every note and every word. The party continued well into the night with the band playing a setlist that included virtually every Buckcherry song you could possibly want to hear. -Reggie Edwards