Tantric: The Blue Room Archives review

Looking for a different sound from one of the more popular post-grunge bands from the early 2000\’s still selling records today? Tantric has released their most recent album, which is named after a home studio that they used, Blue Room Archives, an album which includes remixes for “Fall to the Ground” and “Mind Control,” two acoustic sets of there most popular songs, “Break Down” and “Mourning,” and songs inspired from their lives on tour. Other than the electronic sounds and piano being added to “Fall to the Ground” it is fairly similar to the original. With all the special effects added it offers a deeper feel with the addition of an acoustic drum. For a remix it was an enhancement over the original. The industrial intro used for “Mind Control” gives it a vibe you\’d get with Linkin Park meets Korn for this remix and continues to impress throughout the song. Some may feel that the band broke away from their average in this album with more acoustic songs than before, but that is exactly what they intended to do. Tantric wanted to give their fans a more extensive and personal look into their musical talents and lives. The most popular of these are the acoustic versions of “Break Down” and “Mourning.” These songs show just how pure Hugo Ferreira\’s voice really is and how well it blends in with the guitar and piano used throughout these two songs. “Nothing At All” introduces another instrument to the already expanded spectrum from Tantric in this album, the violin. While the song “Indiscretion” provides a near one minute perfect guitar solo that just captures the song without any lyrics needed. Take the time to check out this album out the deep lyrics, musical ensembles featuring many instruments, and harmonies make this a complete album that many can enjoy. Rating: 8/10 -Luke Ballengee