Tamar Braxton delivers with new album \’Love and War\’

We\’ve seen her on WE TV’s Tamar and Vince and Braxton Family Values, but make no mistake-Tamar Braxton is just beginning. The former backup singer for big sister Toni Braxton has released her highly anticipated CD Love and War. She has released two singles leading up the album\’s release, the CD\’S title track Love and War, and The One which gives listeners an old school feel from Biggie\’s Juicy song. While fans were highly anticipating the arrival of the new CD, Braxton did give fans a sneak peak of some of the album\’s songs on her reality show, Tamar and Vince which included the sultry song Hot Sugar in direct Tamar fashion. Every woman has dealt with a makeup-to-breakup situation, and will love Stay and Fight. The track literally gives you a valid reason of exactly why you should stay and fight for your relationship with your man. Do you need a motivation song while working out on the elliptical or running a few laps on the treadmill? Both Tip Toe and She Did That will keep your adrenaline high and make you completely forget that you’re at the gym. Ladies, we love our slow songs and Tamar delivers with Pieces which tells the story of a woman who doesn\’t want just a piece of her man-but the whole package. Oddly enough, the Sound of Love will make you forget that you’re listening to Tamar and have you thinking you’re listening to Janet, Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty instead. The sexy song isn\’t meant to be played in your car, or around the kids, but in the bedroom instead. My personal favorite song from the CD is Prettiest Girl. Ladies, we have all had that point where we didn\’t feel the prettiest, but somehow he made us feel that way. This song digs into all of the insecurities us women face every day. Prior to listening to Love and War, I had my guard up. After watching Tamar and Vince, and seeing Tamar battle to get her music career going made me wonder if she could really sing or would she just be another one hit wonder reality star. This album definitely kept my attention from the very first song to the last one which is a gospel medley. The album covers everything from being the life of the party to the girl’s anthem all the way to getting your praise on during a Sunday morning service. I commend Tamar on this CD and her singing voice proves that she will be in the business for a long time. If you are looking to compare her sound to older sister Toni, you have the right, but expect to hear a higher range from Tamar compared to her sister. 10/10 rating -Samantha Pounds