Tall Tales: No Chance In Hell

Hardcore bands are somewhat of a rare breed in the music business because even the most successful acts only make scraps when it comes to the almighty dollar. Oddly enough, they still write, record and tour because they stand on and believe in the ideals that HxC was founded upon. Case in point is the Kalamazoo, MI hardcore outfit, Tall Tales. With their latest release, No Chance In Hell and fifth in their catalog, Tall Tales have set out to take you on a trip of internal frustration and anger that stems from loss or betrayal. Opening track, No Chance In Hell sets the tone for the entire ep. It is reminiscent of LAHC stalwarts, Terror, notably in vocalist, Bryan Stadick\’s sound and delivery. Track number two, aptly titled Untitled is an instrumental, which feels somewhat odd for a HxC band yet it certainly highlights the fact that these cats can handle their instruments (unlike many of the three chord monsters out there). My only knock on No Chance In Hell is that the songs feel and sound very similar and to a new set of ears, is that a turn off? Bottom line is this, if you’re a fan of emotive lyrics, crunchy guitars, and a thick and driving bass line fueled by double time drum beats, you’ll like No Chance In Hell. Now, if your favorite bands are the kind whose music evokes your own internal emotions of anger and frustration, you will fucking love No Chance In Hell!