Taken In – Through Shallow Waters


Indiana-based Taken In has released their second EP, titled Through Shallow Waters, the follow-up to Apocalyptic Sickness.
While Apocalyptic Sickness was very good and a great first release, Through Shallow Waters takes what listeners liked about the previous release, cranks the energy on full-blast and knocks you on listeners on their you-know-what.
With Through Shallow Waters, Taken In feature more complete instrumentals and uses more mature, emotional lyrics.
This is Taken Ins’ coming out party. The lyrics on songs like every song give you chills with how personal and emotional they are; the album is a complete in-your-face lyrical scream of emotion.
On Through Shallow Waters Taken In not only brings everything to the table but also smashes it to smithereens, leaves it all there and tell us they are here to stay.
Rating- 8/10