Super Duper Alice Cooper documentary to debut at Tribecca Film Festival April 17

As announced earlier this month, the upcoming official ALICE COOPER documentary, Super Duper Alice Cooper, will premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and will hit theaters nationwide beginning April 30, 2014. Super Duper Alice Cooper will officially premiere on April 17, 2014 and is presented by Banger Films, in association with Eagle Rock Entertainment, and distributed to theaters and venues by SpectiCast (As The Palaces Burn, Aerosmith: Rock for the Rising Sun, Morrissey 25: Live).

Catch this special “doc opera” at a theater or venue near you! Super Duper Alice Cooper will screen in over 250 U.S. cinemas and venues following the premiere (see below for a full listing). As mentioned previously, a special pre-recorded “Keep Calm & Just Ask Alice” Q&A and welcome from Alice will be included exclusively with each screening. See below for a current list of U.S. theatrical and venue screenings, sorted by their original screening date. Several of the mentioned theaters and venues will show multiple screenings of Super Duper Alice Cooper, so make sure to check your local listings for more information.


4/30: CITY:                         THEATER/VENUE: Fairfax, VA                 Angelika Mosaic Dallas, TX                   Angelika Film Dallas Plano, TX                    Angelika Film Plano San Diego, CA             Gaslamp 15 Honolulu, HI               Ward Stadium 16 Sacramento, CA           Tower Theatre La Mesa, CA                Grossmont Center 10 Rohnert Park, CA        Rohnert Park 16 Bakersfield, CA           Valley Plaza 16 New York, NY            Village East Manville, NJ                Manville 12-Plex Murrieta, CA                Cal Oaks 17 Cleveland, OH             Capitol Theatre Cleveland, OH             Shaker Square Cinemas Pittsburgh, PA              Southside Works Cinema Peoria, AZ                   Arrowhead Fountains 18 Oklahoma City, OK     Bricktown 16 Chandler, AZ               Chandler Fashion 20 Moreno Valley, CA     Moreno Valley 16 Denver, CO                 Northfield 18 Phoenix, AZ                Scottsdale 101 Arlington, MA             Regent Theatre Claremont, CA             Claremont 5 North Hollywood, CA NoHo 7 Pasadena, CA              Playhouse 7 Amherst, NY               The Screening Room Inc. Chestnut Hill, MA        Showcase SuperLux Millbury, MA               Blackstone Valley 14 Cinema de Lux Dedham, MA               Showcase Cinema de Lux Legacy Place Bridgeport, CT             Showcase Cinemas Bridgeport White Plains, NY         City Center 15: Cinema De Lux Whitestone, NY           College Point Multiplex Cinemas Edgewater, NJ              Edgewater Multiplex Cinemas Farmingdale, NY         Farmingdale Multiplex Cinemas Holtsville, NY              Island 16: Cinema De Lux Lowell, MA                 Showcase Cinemas Lowell Foxboro, MA               Showcase Cinema de Lux Patriot Place Providence, RI             Providence Place Cinemas 16 Springdale, OH            Springdale 18: Cinema De Lux Warwick, RI                Showcase Cinemas Warwick Randolph, MA             Showcase Cinema de Lux Randolph Revere, MA                 Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere Elmsford, NY              Greenburgh Multiplex Cinemas Yonkers, NY               Showcase Cinema de Lux Ridge Hill Bonita Springs, FL       Prado Stadium 12 5/1:   CITY:                         THEATER/VENUE: San Francisco, CA       Balboa Theatre Cincinnati, OH             Esquire Theatre Columbus, OH             Gateway Film Center Sparta, NJ                    Digiplex Sparta Mechanicsburg, PA      Digiplex Mechanicsburg Camp Hill, PA             Digiplex Camp Hill Williamsport, PA         Digiplex Williamsport Bloomsburg, PA          Digiplex Bloomsburg Selinsgrove, PA           Digiplex Selinsgrove Reading, PA                 Digiplex Fairgrounds Solon, OH                    Digiplex Solon Cinema 16 Surprise, AZ                Digiplex Surprise Pointe 14 Bloomfield, CT            Digiplex Bloomfield Lisbon, CT                   Digiplex Lisbon Torrington, CT             Digiplex CINEROM Torrington Temecula, CA              Digiplex Temecula Tower 10 Apple Valley, CA        Digiplex Apple Valley 14 Bonsall, CA                 Digiplex River Village Oceanside, CA             Digiplex Mission Marketplace 13 Poway, CA                  Digiplex Poway 10 Westfield, NJ               Digiplex Rialto Westfield San Rafael, CA            California Film Institute 5/2:   CITY:                         THEATER/VENUE: Phoenix, AZ                FilmBar 5/7: CITY:                         THEATER/VENUE: Athens, OH                  Athena Grand 5/13: CITY:                         THEATER/VENUE: Tuscon, AZ                  The Loft Cinema 5/19: CITY:                         THEATER/VENUE: Bridgeport, CT             Bijou Theatre