Sunflower Dead: It\’s Time To Get Weird review

Sunflower Dead is a band you truly have to see to appreciate. Their self-titled debut was one of the stronger releases the year it came out, but you don’t completely understand them until you see them live. That’s what we did in 2014 when the band toured with Powerman500 and hit Kokomo’s Centerstage Bar & Grill. Ever since then we’ve been hooked and it was a no-brainer when we got contacted to review Sunflower Dead’s sophomore release- It’s Time To Get Weird. First off, the title couldn’t be more fitting. The band is very serious, but they’re also on another level and, when you catch them live, you get it. It’s Time To Get Weird encapsulates everything the band is all about and everything they’ve worked for up to this point. Then there\’s the tempo-shifter: “Nothing.” Up until this point, Sunflower Dead has taken us on one hell of a ride. From “Dance With Death” to the title track to “Just A Little Kiss,” it\’s been an adrenaline junkie\’s dream come true. But then there\’s “Nothing.,” the song that stand out from the rest of the album and one of the most personal songs the band has written yet. Nothing” features singer Michael Del Pizzo and a piano and that\’s all, yet it\’s the most powerful and dominating song on the record. This one shows Del Pizzo leaving it all on the table and pouring his entire heart into one song. “Nothing” is written and executed to perfection and shows the versatility and true talent of Del Pizzo\’s voice. While their self-titled record was impressive, this one takes it to another plateau and shows exactly what the band is capable. The guitar hooks and riffs are intoxicating and hypnotic. Add that on top of a blistering and game-stopping guest spot from KoRn\’s Jonathan Davis on the title track and then Del Pizzo’s juggernaut of a voice, and you\’ve got what could be one of the best records of 2015. Rating: 9.5/10