Suller Erna- Avalon live DVD review


by Reggie Edwards

Most people know Sully Erna as the powerful voice of mulit-platinum rock band Godsmack. What a lot of people may not realize, Godsmack fans included, is that Erna has a very impressive solo career as well.

In 2010, Erna released Avalon, a solo project which took a lot of Godsmack fans by surprise, featuring a completely different sound from Godsmack and sees Erna take a very personal approach to songwriting and recording.

The sound of Avalon is heavy in a different aspect- a World sound, using flutes, bongos, cellos, violins and more give it an almost tribal feel- very nature-like and something you’d see in a Native American setting.

Erna takes us on a ride that shows us the depths of his mind and soul, especially on songs like “Sinner’s Prayer” and “Broken Road.”

This may just be Erna’s best work so far, which is saying a lot. To add to the Avalon experience, Erna is set to release a huge five-DVD box set, featuring a live concert where Erna performs Avalon for a small crowd.

The DVD is very intimate and shows Erna at his best as a singer and performer. It’s great to see Erna perform a more diverse set that features a more peaceful performance than the hard and heavy tones of Godsmack.

Perhaps the two best parts of the performance are his performance of “Broken Road” and “Sinner’s Prayer” where Erna sits at a piano- a setting we don’t get to see him in with Godsmack; also his rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude,” the perfect way to end the set.

Watching the DVD leaves one thing desired, which is this- after seeing the DVD you MUST go see Erna live.

Rating- 9/10