Sublime with Rome – Yours Truly

by: Jerad Ford


Sublime with Rome\’s \”Yours Truly\” record was released on 7-12-2011, almost 20 years after the original members of Sublime snuck into a college recording studio from 12-to-seven a.m. to record their first tape.

15 years after the fall of Sublime, Rome Ramiriz has taken on front man duties.

Most of “Yours Truly” is pretty bland and sounds like a regurgitated B-Side from Sublime, re-recorded with Rome.

The tracks \”Panic\” and \”Can You Feel It” [“Can You Feel It” features Wiz Khalifa] are the only two tracks that really stand out on the album and serve as a high note.

On a low note, the \”Murdera\” is a horribly repetitive nightmare. Now, the album is not terrible by any stretch, it just isn\’t anything besides \”ok.\” It is merely another \”jam band\” album amongst an overpopulated scene.

“Yours Truly” is, for the most part, \”listenable\” from start to end, but the experience is quite generic compared to pulling out an old Sublime tape.

It\’s not entirely a \”Bradley Nowell thing\” that makes calls for a negative take on this album. If this were his work it could still be called mediocre, but it isn\’t, and it isn\’t Sublime, a name which was legally trademarked to Nowell.

Since the trio is using the Sublime name in their title it deserves to be judged on a Sublime scale, and this recording dosen\’t have the edge the band once had.

My advice is to listen to someone else\’s copy of this album before buying it.

Rating: 5 /10