Streetlight Manifesto in Bloomington, Illinois

\"StreetlightSka-punk band Streetlight Manifesto performed a sold out show at The Castle Theater in  IL. But before they took to the stage, fans were treated to two opening bands. The first band to take the stage was Empty Orchestra. Hailing from Flint, MI, the band performed a half hour set. By first listen you can tell that Empty Orchestra are great storytellers through their music, with songs about past events that happened in their hometown. The band has a sound similar sound to R.E.M. and they got the crowd warmed up for the rest of the show. The next band, Rodeo Ruby Red performed a half hour set consisting of a mix of 50\’s style rock and roll and ska. They did a great job of getting the crowd moving, clapping to the music, singing along to the lyrics, and even crowd surfing. Hailing from Indiana, this is a band to keep a look out for. And the band that everyone came to see, Streetlight Manifesto, hit the stage. Opening their set with \”The Three of Us\” from the newly released album The Hands That Thieve. Streetlight Manifesto got the audience pumped and everyone sang along word for word with the band. Songs such as \”The Littlest Things\”, \”A Moment of Silence\”, \”The Hands That Thieve\”, \”Forty Days\”, and \”Down Down Down To Mephisto\’s Cafe\” got the crowd moshing and crowd surfing. The sold out show was a great success, the audience was treated to two surprisingly good opening bands and Streetlight Manifesto put on an incredible performance for their dedicated following. -Philip Coon