Stratovarius Drop \”Survive\” Video

In line with the current live shows, Stratovarius have released a visually stunning music video for the  \”Survive,\” the title track of their new album. It offers intimate insight into the band\’s everyday touring life and increases fans anticipation for upcoming live concerts. \”We spent five or six days solid, trying to come up with the lyrics for that song,\” notes Jens Johansson. \”When we finally settled on that punchline for the chorus, it was a good song about survival and it all just seemed to fit. It fits with the history of the band too, because we managed to survive as long as we have. This band has been through some strange days! The original line-up formed in 1984, so it\’s been a long story. It was the middle of the summer, there were forest fires everywhere, there was a global pandemic, and all kinds of crazy shit going on. Some of the lyrics are perhaps less uplifting than they could have been, but that reflects our mood at the time. There\’s a lot of positive stuff on there as well!\” SURVIVE is available here. PRESS PRAISE FOR SURVIVE: \”A feast of huge hooks, soaring choruses and an atmosphere so rich you can sink your teeth into it\” — MetalSucks \”Classic power metal… a glorious sound\” — Rock Candy \”\’The band never take their collective foot off the gas. 10/10\” — Powerplay  \”Wow — what a brilliant return… In your face! No compromises. The very finest Power Metal can be found on Survive! 9.5/10\” — Rock It!  \”On Survive, the band manages to combine technical prowess and emotional melodies in a manner not heard in a long time. 8/10\” — Rocks  \”A majestic, refined record, able to give every emotion that these Finns have always been able to give in almost forty years of history\” — Metalhead \”\’Survive’is a perfect package of upgraded but still familiar Stratovarius… Definitely one of Stratovarius\’ best albums!\” — Kaaoszine  SURVIVE TRACK LISTING: \”Survive\” \”Demand\” \”Broken\” \”Firefly\” \”We Are Not Alone\” \”Frozen in Time\” \”World on Fire\” \”Glory Days\” \”Breakaway\” \”Before the Fall\” \”Voice of Thunder\”