Strangers You Know release video for \”USED\”

Los Angeles-based indie/pop/folk/electronic duo STRANGERS YOU KNOW\’s new EP
Loosen Up The Leash is streaming now on FUSE.
\”The EP in it\’s entirety more or less encapsulates the ups and downs of a casual thing I got a little too deep into last year\” vocalist Grady Lee tells FUSE. \”\’Used\’ came in the middle of it when the feelings started boiling out… I rarely get deep enough to be hurt by anyone, but I dove farther than usual this time and it got hard to breathe. The goal of the EP was to illustrate dynamics of the collective, and establish that we won\’t be pigeon holed. it might be jarring at first, like breaching the atmosphere of a new planet, but that\’s kind of the point. It was a fucking nightmare and a dream trying to get it done right and on time. Lots of juggling, broken corresponding, and irony.\”
The band\’s video for their single \”Used\” debuted yesterday . The video is described as \”featuring a stealthy beat and a rhythm that will transport you to the fields of Coachella.\”
Watch the \”Used\” Official Video

STRANGERS YOU KNOW is Grady Lee (vocals, guitar) and Adam Haagen (piano, guitar, vocals, banjo, mandolin) – a sonic collective out of Southern California, brought together by a chance meeting back stage on production road at Coachella in 2013 and kept together by similar musical interests. Despite this, it\’s the differences in musical backgrounds of each individual that create the unique and diverse sounds of the band. From folk to electronic, the band draws inspiration from many different sources, with each member bringing their own sound to the group.
March 11 – West Hollywood, CA – The Roxy
April 16 – Indio, CA – Coachella Music and Arts Festival
April 23 – Indio, CA – Coachella Music and Arts Festival
May 20 – Gulf Shores, AL – Hangout Music Festival
May 28 – Napa Valley, CA – BottleRock Napa Valley
June 17 – Dover, DE – Firefly Music Festival