Review: Story Of The Year- Tear Me To Pieces

Six years after the release of Wolves, Story Of The Year are back and in a big way with Tear Me to Pieces. This record is the perfect blend of the past and present and has a lot for fans to digest. The record opens with the title track, which starts out acoustic and catchy before ripping into a heavy battle cry that falls right in line with the band’s classic hits. Imagine being at Warped Tour back in the day and the band blasts into this one- there isn’t a better way to open this record and it’ll be a quick fan favorite. The record is packed with anthems and battle cries that will make longtime fans fall in love all over again but also feature heavier tracks (“War,” “Can’t Save You”) that will make new fans as well. The bread and butter of this record starts at “2005,” which is a happy, upbeat reminiscing number that takes you back in time to a point in life that was carefree and brings you to a place of nostalgic bliss, just in time to rip your heart out. “Sorry About Me” is by far the standout track and one that hits so hard and makes you feel so much, you’ll cry your eyes out while you listen. The song starts acoustically with the lyrics “I think I need help, I can’t do this on my own” and turns electric at exactly the right time. This song is relatable on literally every level and in every way and is one of the most emotional songs ever written and is just perfect.  SOTY know exactly when to crank things back up and do so next with “Take The Ride,” a happy-go-lucky song about being carefree, which is exactly what you need after the cryfest that “Sorry About Me” brought on.  “Knives Out” is one of the coolest songs SOTY have ever written and- while dark as hell- is just as fun to listen to before “Use Me” wraps things up in yet another emotion-filled way and is a beautiful way to end the record.  In the end, Tear Me To Pieces is flawless. This is the strongest record Story of the Year have written since Page Avenue and there’s not a single low point or boring moment on the entire album. This record is full of pain and brokenness but, more importantly, shows that there’s hope and positivity through the dark times. Even though you’re not okay, it’s okay to not be okay and Tear Me To Pieces is a reminder that things always get better, no matter how many pieces you feel shattered into.  Rating: 9.5/10  -Reggie Edwards