Sting: Into The Light DVD review

Sting is unarguably one of the most memorable and recognizable figures in the history of wrestling. With his career starting as a tag team partner with The Ultimate Warrior (this is before they became Sting and The Warrior) and then moving onto the NWA and then WCW, he\’s always been one of the most loyal wrestlers. That\’s why it\’s taken so long for him to make his way to WWE, but when he debuted last year at Survivor Series, helping Team Cena put The Authority out of power, it was immediately heralded as one of the greatest debuts in WWE history. To commemorate his signing with WWE, they released The Best of Sting last year and they\’ve followed it up this year with Sting: Into The Light, which focuses more on his signing with WWE and what led to it. It also focuses strongly on his faith in God. The 3 disc set starts with a documentary, which shows Sting taking us through a few days in his life, going to meet up with his family, his parents, his first few meetings with WWE and more. This really is a behind the scenes look at his journey to WWE. The collection looks in-depth at his faith in God, featuring interviews with his brother- who\’s also his pastor, as well as different members of Sting\’s church, who all talk about how strong his faith is. The surprising part is the short bit showing Sting talking about TNA, which is completely unexpected. Throughout the DVD, Sting talks about the decision to sign with WWE and what really led to it and made it happen. We even go backstage while Sting prepares to debut at Survivor Series 2014, showing the moments before and after his memorable debut. This is the perfect collection for anyone who\’s a fan of Sting, WCW. WWE or wrestling in general. If you want a glimpse to the actual life of The Icon, The Man, The Myth, The Vigilante- Sting, go get Sting: Into The Light. -Reggie Edwards